Blemish Balm Cream

Ultra perfection 6 in 1 ( Sunscreen SPF37 / PA ++,
Whitening, Providing nutrients for anti-wrinkle, Moisturizer, Creating a thin make-up base, and as a concealer foundation.

The 6 in 1 product gives your face a perfect coverage. Fair, smoothly textured, and healthy looking makeup provides a light adhensiveness to skin without sticky textures.

Định lượng : 30ml
Unit Price :399.000VND

Pure White Powder SPF 15

Whitening ingredient Arbutin and Titanium Dioxide derivatives, Pure White Powder gently cleans and naturally whitens skin. Silica powder in Pure White Powder SPF 15 covers the skin surface excellently with high long lasting duration and provides a smooth, matte feeling to skin.

There are 3 colors to choose from:
Number1: Bright white (White Porcelain )
Number2: Rosy white (Pale Sand)
Number3: Light beige

Định lượng : 14.5gr
Unit Price :499.000VND

Illuminating Liquid Foundation SPF 15 – Makeup Foundation

Special ingredients control oil in face while simultaneously moisturizes the skin and is also a makeup foundation, provides a smooth, mattle feeling to face so that a good foundation for make-up is created.

The foundation hides imperfections skin such as dark pigmentation, freckles, pores, and also balances the darkness and brightness on your face for a nice perfectly smooth foundation layer.layer.

Định lượng : 30ml
Unit Price :348.000VND

Flawless Skin Foundation SPF 20

Silica ingredient in the foundation effects to perfectly cover all blemish on the skin’s surface with high longevity,

Foundation makes the face look perfect and maintains the skin’s natural moisture while protecting skin against harmful ultraviolet rays from the sunshine.

Định lượng : 13gr
Unit Price :359.000VND

UV Two Way Powder SPF 20

Be confident everyday with Fresh White Sand by Tenamyd makeup powder. Helps maximum cover up wrinkles, pigmentation marks and pores without causing clogged pores. Give a natural smooth skin. With SPF20 to protect skin under the sun , helps absorb excess oil on the skin and keep makeup lasting all day long.

There are 3 colors to choose from:

Number1: natural color(Soft Ivory)

Number2: rosy white(Pale Cream)

Number3: bright white(Snow)

Định lượng : 15gr
Unit Price :359.000VND

True Blush

Silky ultrafine powder with shiny colour in
True Blush creates smooth feeling on the skin and provides a healthy look to the skin all day

Định lượng : 5gr
Unit Price :265.000VND

Colour Sheer Lipstick

Special ingredients such as Vitamin E, Silica, …

Colour Sheer Lipstick helps the moisturizer to care the lips, keeps glossy color expression all day long and makes feel confident, gentle, and charming with pretty lips.

Định lượng : 4.5gr
Unit Price :229.000VND

Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

The makeup remover is a combination of mild emollient ingredients like Rose Water, Kawa extract, …Its effect is to remove the makeup, clean, and nourish the skin especially such as around the eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows and lips.

The active ingredients in the product will remove the hardest makeup stains such as waterproof mascara, fastness lipstick, …Simultaneously, leaves the skin around the eyes and lips a natural soft state as beginning.

Định lượng : 60ml
Unit Price :229.000VND

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