TENAMYD is a cosmetic brand dedicated to women who have experienced, have their own position in family and society. TENAMYD – a brand handed the modern and knowledgeable women an elegant and fashionable makeup style.
With the steps of in-depth skin care, special treatment, TENAMYD helps women younger by the most advanced formulas and ingredients in the world for skin care and anti-aging.
Currently TENAMYD owns Lagoon product line, a line of skin care with Asian style with the products such as:
+ White Lagoon – the white care products, treatment of skin problems like tanning, dark pigmentation, … for you an optimum white style and high efficiency.
+ Silk Lagoon – the dedicated product for aging skin will help you get youth through the corner of your eyes and skin …
+ Blue Lagoon – the product line brings a radiant and smooth regimen for oily and combination skin, removes grease, tightens pores and nourishes skin cells.
+ Fresh Lagoon – the product line is a secret to bring fresh vitality to dry skin
+ Green tea sunscreen SPF 42 PA + + and Aqua Sun Sunscreen Serum SPF50 / PA + + + will help rejuvenate the skin and protect skin against cancer under the damaging effects of the sun.
Besides the well-known skin care line, TENAMYD with renowned research labs of Cosmax group has researched and created trends to continuously launch makeup series with thin, light, elegant and fashionable colors, which helps exalt elegance of the woman at first sight. The makeup products of the Crystal Sky by VCN represent and convey the entire message Elegant Makeup of the modern knowledgeable women by its designs and colors. Crystal Sky by VCN with elegant black blending with warm makeup tones will give you crystal bright beauty like sparkling stars in the night sky.

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