Protect and rejuvenate skin

Aqua Sun Serum SPF 50/PA +++

This is a new generation of sunscreen product with the most advanced research formula. AQUA SUN SERUM 50/PA+++ protects effectively and takes care of skin safely against harful UV rays.

Aqua Sun Serum with sun protection factor SPF 50, sunscreen highest level PA +++, is absolutely safe for skin.

This is a watery form sunscreen with powder formula. It is safe and suitable for all skin types (including sensitive skin).
Aqua Sun Serum with ultra-thin, lightweight, and waterproof powder texture does not cause oily skin and is a perfect makeup base.

Aqua Sun Serum doesn’t make skin thick and white and also the powdery ingredients in the product will create a thin powder layer to protect skin from the sun while giving natural clear and smooth look.

Định lượng : 70ml
Unit Price :530.000VND

Sunspray SPF 50+, PA +++

A multi-functional formula makes all skin tones, increases skin elasticity and youthfulness. Used as a makeup primer while protecting skin absolutely from harm from UVA / UVB broad-spectrum sunscreen by using a combination of sunscreen organic and inorganic ingredients.
– Quickly and easily absorbed, non-greasy formula, for the skin to be thin as silk.
– 4 Hours Water & Sweat Resistant Risistant with skin-cooling structure, suitable for outdoor activities.
– Can be used on wet skin and dry skin
– Special Ingredients including Adenosine and Niacinamide bring whitening and anti-aging, help to maintain radiant and bright white skin, make skin more tight and smooth and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Định lượng : 150ml
Unit Price :519.000VND

Green Tea Protective Sunscreen SPF42/PA++

80% of skin aging cause is from ultraviolet rays UVA and UVB in sunlight. What should we do everyday to cope with blazing sunlight without damaging the skin?
GREEN TEA PROTECTIVE SUNSCREEN with SPF42 gives a new secret to help rejuvenate the skin and protect the skin under the harmful effects of the sun.
This sunscreen not only protects the skin but also helps nourish smooth skin with the main ingredient, Green Tea Extract which help nourish skin for whitening and anti-aging. In addition, Aloe Vera essence keeps an important role to provide moisture to the skin and to cool down skin burns. The herbal compound in sunscreen helps nourish the skin to become smooth and healthy.
This product is manufactured as an oil free cream form and has a function to control sebum production in the skin, so people even with the highly oily skin still feel comfortable, soft , and dry all day long.

Định lượng : 70ml
Unit Price :510.000VND

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